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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to cloth on Fire in First Aid

Clothing on Fire in First Aid

Always follow the same procedure for casualty with burning clothing: Stop, Drop, AND Roll. If possible, wrap the casualty before rolling them.

DO NOT attempt to use flammable materials to smother flames.

What you can do being first aider?

  • Stop the casualty panicking or running around or outside; any movement or breeze will fan the flames.
  • If possible, Wrap the casualty tightly in a coat, curtain, blanket (not the nylon or cellular type), rug, or other heavy fabric. The best fabric for this is wool.
  • Roll the casualty along the ground until the flames have been smothered.
If water or another non-flammable liquid is readily available, lay the casualty down with burning side uppermost, and extinguish the flames by dousing him in plenty of the liquid.

If your own clothes catch fire and help is not available, extinguish the flames by wrapping yourself up tightly in suitable material, and rolling along the ground.


any fire in a confined space creates a highly dangerous atmosphere that is low in oxygen and may be contaminated by carbon monoxide and toxic fumes. Never enter a burning or fume-filled building, or open a door leading to a fire. Leave it to the emergency services.

What you can do as first aider

  • If trapped in a burning building, go into a room with a window and shut the door. If you must pass through a smoke-filled room, keep low down: the air at floor level is the clearest.
  • If you have to escape through a window, go out feet first and lower yourself to the full length of your arms before dropping to the ground.


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